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Nose job. . . check!

Today, much to my chargrin, I had a nose job. I am still very angry with Minnie for putting me through the ordeal but I will use this post as my catharsis. I was told by the vet a few weeks ago that I would need an operation to help open up my little nose so that I could breathe more easily in the hot weather (ha! Where has that gone?!). I didn’t think Andy and Minnie would agree to do it so quickly though. … (they were told by the vet that the sooner I had it done the better it would be but seriously – just a week later, uhhhh). Minnie dropped ,e off at the vet’s this morning at 8 and I was through the surgery by 2. After a bit of time being attended to by some lovely ladies in the recovery centre, Minnie and Tabby picked me up at 4.30. I had a to wear a cone for a while – but Minnie took it off when we got home because I was walking into things. I still can’t quite look Minnie in the eye as am so mad at her, but I will probably forgive her when she gives me my next meal (haha – she was told by the vet she had to feed me chicken and rice, so she went to Tesco specially to buy me my glorious food – far better than that horrid kibble they normally feed me).

Here are a couple of pics that mean old Minnie took of me ‘post op’:

Oh god! The indignity. How can they have put me through this? Uhhhh.

I can’t even get comfy in my own bed due to this ridiculous get-up I am being forced to wear…


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