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Diggin’ the sunshine

Ahh, gotta love this weather.  Chillin’ with my homies….

Yeah yeah, ok they are Tabitha’s sunnies not mine – but naturally I think I look the part….


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Snorting the white stuff

I went for a walk with Minnie and Andy the other day, and discovered some rather wonderful white powder to snort!  Hmmmm, what was it? – you decide:

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It’s come from the highest authority – I am thin!

Ah! I am not only thin but VERY handsome.  Those are the words from Grannie Fifi, my biggest adversary.Ok, Ok, she didn’t actually say I was actually ‘Thin’ or indeed ‘handsome’, but she certainly did say how good I was looking and how great it was that I had shed a few pounds.  Hurrah, that is the biggest compliment I will ever get from her so I take it and thank her.  Woof to you Grannie Fifi xxx

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Not the only pug in the village

I was so excited today, as I met another pug in the park.  It seems an age since those heady days in Battersea park when I met many-a-pug on a daily basis.   My new chum is called Charlie and is an 8 month old ex-show dog (so dare I say it naturally he is far more ‘pug-perfect’ than me!).  He didn’t enjoy life in the ring so joined a loving family in the next door village to Twyford where we live. I liked him instantly and we spent some time chasing each other around and around.  I do hope to see him again.  Below is a picture of Charlie and Me, can you tell us apart?

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A svelt pug I am… sorry, what was that?

Whooo hoo.  I have lost weight, who would have thought?! Certainly not Andy, what with me eating Tabitha’s leftovers (or indeed not even leftovers but food straight from her hand) all the time.  Minnie did say that she thought I was looking trimmer the other day, much to guffaurs from others –  but I am pleased to say the scales don’t lie – and on my trip to the vet today I hopped on to the scales that normally evilly claim I am 10.1kg, only to reveal I am now 9.2kg.  A whole 0.9kg weight loss.  Haha, I am the biggest loser in our family at the moment.

But wherever there is good news for me, there seems to be bad news too.  In this case I have another ear infection and am back on the horrible horrible eardrops that I really hate.  Minnie says I am falling apart – but unfair I think but frankly not far off the truth!


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