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Put a sock in it

I decided to steal one of Minnie’s sock this evening.  So Andy and I had a wrestle with it.  I clearly won – I don’t believe head butting him was cheating!

I win I win!



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RIP uncle Oscar

I was extremely sad to be told that my favourite uncle Oscar sadly passed away a few days ago.  I am going to miss him dreadfully.  He taught me a huge amount, including how to pee with my leg really high in the air so sometimes I almost fell over myself. He was a great mate and the perfect uncle.  He put up with me sniffing his bottom continuously, sitting in his bed and drinking from his water bowl.  I never ate his food though – well, I waited until he had finished before licking his bowl (he was a slow eater and I am a hoover so had to wait a while!).  I hope I can help Derelys smile when I visit. Oscar, you will be missed enourmously and I will try and take care of Derelys and Jim for you. Woof.

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Living the good life at Nash

Last weekend I went with Minnie and Andy and Tabitha to Cardiff to stay with Grannie Fifi which was as always lovely.  It still seems she doesnt appreciate me getting into the dishwasher but hey, some things never change.

On Saturday morning Andy went to Somerset for a wedding but the rest of us drove to Shropshire to spend the day with more of Minnie’s family at the Hodgsons’ house in Nash.  Boy oh boy did I have fun.  Not only were there about 30 people there to love me and cuddle me and spoil me, there was also plenty of food falling on the floor for me to snaffle AND Fiona Hodgson didnt mind me helping her with the pre-wash of the plates after lunch.

There were of course a couple of other dogs there.  Max is an elderly whippet who didnt much fancy playing with me, but there was also a golden retriever called Monty who I thought was rather fantastic.  I followed him round all day and yes, I did try and hump him alot!  He soon started to walk away whenever I approached but I know he didnt really mean to ignore me – perhaps he hadnt seen me – so I continued to walk at his back heal sniffing his bum.  Monty was not completely blameless however and had earlier in the day attempted to hump Minnie’s Grannie’s elderly dog Lulu who definitely did NOT appreciate it.

Whilst attempting to help a few family members cheat in croquet by moving their ball for them, I discovered I could jump off the end of the croquet lawn into the haha and found a field of sheep.  What a find!  Most of the sheep ignored me but one did come and say hi.  There was a bit of stamping of feet until I backed off, so did as I was told and stayed under a tree eating sheep poo until Minnie came and retrieved me.  Boring!

I was exhausted when we got home (I travelled pillion on Joe’s lap in the car which was rather wonderful) and spent the whole of Sunday soaking up the sun in the garden of Blackweir.  Well, after helping Grannie Fifi get rid of some of the duck weed in the pond of course.

Wilbur and Monty

Monty looking embarassed by my advances!

Can you see me on the croquet lawn? No of course you cant, I am in the field eating sheep poo!

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A touch ‘put out’

As many predicted, these posts are few and far between these days as I am always so busy with Tabitha, making sure she is ok, trying to steal her socks, licking her hair – the list goes on.  It is all good fun, alough it does seem she has rather taken centre stage and so I am often a touch put out and tell Minnie and Andy this by sulking in my basket.  I do at least still get a nice walk each day either in the park or on the water meadows.  Tabitha had her first outing in her carry sling last weekend (she was too small for it before then) so we all sauntered out together – a very happy family Campbell.

This morning I had an appointment at my new dog groomers in the next door village.  It was no Happy Days Dog care that’s for sure, the woman was not a patch on Karen, but at least I had a bath, something that has been sorely lacking since Junior came along – it seems Minnie and Andy are more keen to bath her than they are to bath me

Oop, must dash, Tabitha needs me.  Will check in again soon and try to upload some pics.

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