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My very long holiday – and my new playmate

Well, after 9 months of waiting – finally my newest playmate arrived on 23rd May.  However, I wasn’t to realise this until later.  In the afternoon of the 23rd I was whisked off for my summer holidays at Vicarage lane, to stay with Uncle Oscar.  This was where I stayed for over two weeks, because Minnie and Andy’s new baby, Tabitha Rose Campbell, was very unwell so had to stay in hospital.  I had a great time with Oscar, Jim and Derelys (although perhaps I did outstay my welcome just a bit – since they thought perhaps I would be with them for a couple of days only!).  I got to celebrate the end of the Parkinson’s Challenge with a big party which naturally I loved, and finally on 8th June I was duly delivered back to Twyford to join my family.

I love Tabitha but do quite often want to snuggle a bit too close to her.  I did once try to get into her moses basket, but soon realised I wasnt meant to do that.  Below are a couple of pictures of me and baby T:

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