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Fun in Surbiton

It was apparently “the Royal Wedding” yesterday, but also Minnie and Andy’s friend Issie’s birthday so we headed off to Surbiton to celebrate both the wedding and her birthday at Issie and Ant’s house.  It was great fun, I was the only dog there so got loads of cuddles, managed to sneak onto the table and eat some crisps, lurked under the barbeque to try and grab a few scraps (it was pretty hot under there!) and generally made a nuisance of myself.  It was quite tiring so when we got home I felt I needed a beer, and luckily Andy had one to hand that I could share:


Helping Andy finish off his beer!

The fun of the barbeque meant Andy and I were pretty tired, so had a nice lie-in this morning.  Apparently we looked pretty cute cuddled up together snoring softly (or loudly in the case of Andy – wow he is noisy!) so Minnie had to take a couple of pics:


Pillows are so comfy!

Wilbur sleeping

We just didn't want to get up


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My new love

Last week  (and more recently today) I have spent time with Schmorl- who is the new love of my life and Minnie is rather relieved that she is female! Max is still my best bud but Schmorl is my love.  She is Minnie’s friend Naomi’s dog and is half terrier half labrador.  She is black with white feet and a white ‘flash’ on her front.

We have had loads of fun, walking in the new forest, running in and out of the river in the water meadows (boy it was hot today – thank goodness we got time to cool off by dashing in and out of the lovely cool flowing stream).  I did get a few tellings off as I couldn’t stop sniffing Schmorl’s bum ALL the time – but she is so lovely that I can’t keep away from her.

When I first met Schmorl at Naomi’s house I ate her marrow bone, but she got her own back today by eating one of my chews today.  I think that is only fair.  Here are a few pics of me and Schmorl:

Schmorl and Wilbur

Playing with Schmorl's marrow bone

Me and Schmorl

Look at us good dogs - both sitting waiting for treats from Naomi. Minnie was very proud of me!

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Pugs sleep anywhere

The well known Eleanor Farjean poem about ‘Cats Sleep Anywhere’ actually also applies to Pugs.  I decided today to try out yet another new place to rest  my weary head. This time  I thought a chair that had not been pushed back under the table properly would be nice – and I was right.  It was soft and just the right size for a pudgy pug.  Despite the fact that the sofa was only yards away I still chose this as my choice.  Have since gone back to the sofa however – I give the chair a solid 3.5 out of 5 and may consider it again if Minnie gets lax and continues to leave the chair out.

Wilbur on chair

Oh yes, nice new spot to rest

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I ignored Minnie at my peril….

Minnie and I have just returned from our afternoon pre-amble.  We went to Hunter park and I decided that I would be a little bit naughty (even more so than normal) and ignore Minnie’s pleas to not go and roll in the horse field at the top of Hunter park.  I went off great guns and had a lovely roll and a quick bite of the good stuff.  Finally after much calling I decided to rejoin Minnie but on the way out of the field my harness got stuck on barbed wire so I couldn’t move.  Once Minnie had released me I dashed off through so stinging nettles and am now paying the price.  My feet hurt sooooo much and I am running around like a mad person trying to relieve the pain.  I have taken an antihistamine (Minnie has to buy these for her husband and her dog!) but still waiting for it to take effect.  I am not allowed upstairs to rampage on the carpet so am currently attacking a bush outside which I had hoped would help but don’t think it is.  Ohhhhh the pain, please end soon.

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