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The ‘Goode’ pug

Ok, so I don’t mean to brag BUT a famous person has told me what a lovely little chap I am.  He did also say how well behaved I was (but Minnie laughed so hard at this statement that I think she doesnt believe it!).  I had the pleasure of meeting the actor Richard Briers on the weekend, particularly famous for his role in ‘The Goode Life’.  We were all in Shrivenham for a photoshoot with Richard who is kindly supporting a charity challenge a number of us are completing in May of this year for Parkinson’s disease.

He was so so nice and agreed to be photographed with me.  Minnie didn’t dare let me onto his lap so she stood with me behind Richard and here are the photos:

Wiilbur and friends

With the Huntleys and Richard - they are clearly not that interested in me which is strange!

Wilbur & Richard

Whoo hoo! me with a famous person

Ohhh I longed to sit on Richard's knee! (Did i say that or was it Minnie!?)

See for more details (and most importantly to sponsor us but I won’t talk too much about that now, will save that until a later post!)

I had a totally brilliant day, being rubbed and tickled by many lovely ladies, sneaking food off Anne Huntley’s plate at lunch and of course meeting a famous person who thought I was fab.  Could I have asked for a better day!?


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The mind bogles

I have just returned from a lovely lovely walk in the water meadows with Minnie.  The weather is amazing today and so I was running around lots and lots.  I met a new friend too, he is a small white and tan terrier puppy called Bogle and he was awesome.  We chased each other for ages and splashed in and out of the water in one of the little tributaries (big word for such a small pug!) that runs off the main river.  I even waded through mud – Minnie said I only did that because I was showing off to Bogle….. mmmm, maybe.  I do hope to see Bogle again, same time tomorrow?

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The three dog-ateers

I was happy to play host to Max Millo last Saturday as Steve and Sarah were in London.  Max joined me at about 10.30 and stayed the whole day until late into the evening on Saturday – and we had a lovely day, although for the first 10  minutes or so after Steve and Sarah left Max looked a bit sad so I had to cheer him up.  We played “you-bite-my-tail-I-will-sit-on-your-head’ for a lot of the day, which was great fun for us both.  We also went for 2 walks in the meadows.  The first time it was just Minnie, Max and I but the second time Min’s mum had joined us so she held my lead whilst Minnie took Max.  I found a great new game which I called ‘fly-by’ – which involved Max running ahead of me then me shooting after him and giving him a nudge in the side as I scampered on past.  Max seemed to think this was pretty hilarious!

All the shenannigans meant we had to chill out in the lovely afternoon sun – according to Minnie I was snoring and Max was puffing out his mouth to make a “plurrrrrrghhh” sound.  Apparently it was rather amusing, but we were simply trying to get some kip in order to build up our energy for the next round of fun.

Here are a few pics (again, rather rubbish Minnie) of us playing and also sleeping:

Max Millo

Max looking a bit nervous about being left!

Max and Wilbur

He soon got over his fear and the games commenced

Wilbur & Max

Fairly soon the afternoon sun made us drowsy


So we both took a snooze on the sofa - here is max (not me obviously!)

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Do I sit funny?

Some people (Andy mainly) say that I don’t sit like a normal dog.  I personally don’t think this is true but the photos below may help you decide.  I was pretty tired after a long walk in the water meadows and so had to chill out in the ever-warming spring sunshine outside our new house.  Let me know what you think:

Wilbur in the sun

I was pooped after a long walk in the water meadows

Wilbur in sun

Soooo, do I really sit in a strange position?

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The great buggy debate

I have decided that I really should take more interest in the imminent new arrival to our Campbell clan.  Therefore I wanted to help Andy choose a buggy.  I felt I had to put my opinion across, including why we should go for an off-road vehicle rather than anything else.  I want to be able to help Minnie and Andy take junior Campbell for walks, so the buggy really needs to be good for all terrains (not that i really vear far from the beaten track all that often!).

As you can see from the picture below, I was being very helpful to Andy.  I did however get a little bored reading about Bugaboos V Baby Joggers so showed my disinterest by splaying my great carcass as wide as I could across the sofa.

Helping Andy choose a buggy

Helping Andy choose a buggy

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Mooching with Max

On saturday, Minnie and Andy had to go to London for a party, so they asked Steve and Sarah Millo – owners of the minature daschund (and my BFF) Max – to look after me.  They kindly agreed so I was shipped off to West Wellow on Saturday morning.  Boy was I glad that they didn’t take me to London with them as I had THE best day.  Max and I  (I think, and Max probably agrees) are in love.  We spent the whole day playing together, sniffing and chasing, chasing and sniffing.  According to Steve and Sarah we didn’t stop and finally had to be parted to allow each of us some ‘time out’. I of course went straight to sleep as do find all this frollicking rather tiring (although sooooo much fun) but Max soon joined me and we were up to our old tricks again.   Frankly nothing could keep us apart.

I was taken back to Minnie and Andy’s in the evening, but the fun didn’t stop there as Max came too and we had a few more hours of fun.  I like to think I am generous soul, so gave Max one of my chews and didn’t try to steal it from him once, well – maybe once or twice but I was very happy to share my chew with Max.

Here are a couple of pics of Max and I – although I really think Minnie should go to photography classes as she is pretty shoddy (note to you there Andy!):

Max enjoying a chew

Max enjoying a chew

I am thinking if I can steal the chew back from Max - but then realise that would not be well behaved!

I am thinking if I can steal the chew back from Max - but then realise that would not be well behaved!

But gosh was it tempting!

But gosh was it tempting!


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Mischief in the meadows

Minnie and I went for a walk in the Water meadows this morning.  Great fun and I managed to play up nicely:

1.  Barked at and chased a couple of swans along the river bank.  I thought for a few moments that I would jump in to the river and chase them but decided against it at the last minute

2. Chased a jogger.  He was not very impressed – I knew Minnie couldn’t chase after me so ran after him for quite a long way. I only gave up because he was running too fast – to get away from me perhaps?

3. Tried to eat a fisherman’s fishing tackle.  He was more unimpressed than the jogger.

However I have tired myself out so much that I think I will probably sleep for most of the day now.  Lovely!

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