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Last visit to the Vet

I am just back from my last visit to James the vet.  A third year medical student was assisting James – she thought I was sooooo cute.  She said i looked like the pug in Pocahontas – I will have to watch that cartoon now to see what she means.

I had my check-up to make sure my eyes are on the mend – which they are (I had to have that horried eye test where I hold a piece of paper in my eye for a minute – I am so good though, I snuffled my way through it without moving too much).  However I will need to keep taking my eye drops so Minnie stocked up on those.  She also made sure I was up to date with my worming tablets.

Of course I couldn’t leave the vet without having some new ailment that requires treatment – this time its my ears.  I was not impressed with the cold instrument James used to look in my ears – it really made me squirm).  It turns out I have an inflamed left ear canal so have ear-drops that Andy will have to administer (apparently Minnie can’t do it because she is pregnant).  Hopefully this is only a one-off and not another on-going illness.  Otherwise Minnie and andy will have to take out a second mortgage to pay for all my treatments.

I got to say goodbye to Michelle the nurse as well.  She was really sad that I am leaving and wants me to come back and visit.  I do hope my new vet is as nice and James and his team.


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Somebody loves me …. but who?

Wow!  I got my very own Valentine’s day card yesterday.  I am new to this tradition but think it is great!  Andy opened it for me (not that easy opening envelopes without thumbs) – and I was delighted to see a card of rather large, reclining pugs.   I am not sure I am quite that large yet but if it means I get the ladies, perhaps that is the way forward!  I am not sure who sent me the card – oooh, I do like the feeling of “not knowing”.  The postmark said Leeds apparently.  We know a few people in that neck of the woods, namely Laura Campbell – however she is denying all knowledge.  How exciting,  a secret admirer (but Laura, if it was you – thank you and I love you!).

Love Pugs

Love Pugs! Think the male pug looks a lot more delighted by the situation than the lady pug!

my Valentine's card

Mmmm, criptic messages inside my card. Who could it be?!

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End of an era – but got a “mani-pedi”!

Changes are afoot in the Campbell family.  A number of changes are happening in the coming weeks & months.

1.   We are moving to  Hampshire.  This means that we are renting our house out in Bristol and renting a new pad near Winchester.  This is all very exciting as our new house will have a bigger garden etc, but the saddest thing is that I will no longer get walked by Lisa, Karen and the gang at Happy Days Dog Care. Minnie’s last day at work was today, so she is now going to be around to spend a lot more time with me.  This is of course great but I won’t get to walk with my friends each lunchtime which I am so so sad about.  Cheerio Archie, Flossie, Maisie and all my other friends – I will miss you all.  It has been a great 18 months (how time has flown!). Luckily today i got to say my goodbyes to Lisa and Karen, even though Andy was working from home so I wouldn’t normally have gotten a walk at lunchtime.  After my walk I had a full pampering session at the Happy Days parlour on Chandos road.  It is a brand new facility run by the gals and I had a full ‘mani-pedi’, wash and blow dry.  I was dropped home, buffed to the max with short nails, a clean smooth coat and smelling like a chap about to hit the town to meet chicks – which I thought was rather splendid.  Sadly I am not sure Andy agreed – what he did agree with is that I smelt a darn lot better than I do normally.

Whilst he was working in the office, I did manage to sneak onto Minnie and Andy’s bed and hide myself from being seen from the door by using one of their huge cushions as a cover earlier, although got found out.  Uhhhh.   I do look pretty cute though, so Andy managed to grab a quick pic:

Me on the bed - trying to hide from Andy

Me on the bed - trying to hide from Andy - but my plan was foiled!

2.   We are having a baby!  When I say “we” I suppose I technically mean Minnie and Andy BUT it will be just as much my baby as it will be theirs.  I will be sure to love it and lick it and care for it as if he or she were my own.  Apparently I won’t be loved as much by Minnie and Andy after the baby is born but I know that simple isnt true.  There is plenty of love for all of us!

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Woof from Worcestershire

Andy and Minnie took me to to Worcestershire today to visit Minnie’s Grannie and her dog Lulu.  Lulu is a rather lovely, if old, dog.  She is cross bedlington terrier and whippet so still has a lot of energy.  I do enjoy her company although she really didn’t want to share her chair with me.  I thought she wanted to play but actually it turned out she was trying to put me in my place (and didn’t appreciate me sniffing her bum – weird). I did insist on scratching the kitchen door when everyone was having lunch so had to do a stint in the car, which frustrated me somewhat.  However after lunch we went on a walk to one of Grannie’s friend who has a fawn pug and a black pug.  I barged into the house, went straight into the kitchen and was lucky enough to find some food on the floor  – which granted wasnt meant for me but I ate anyway.  There was some confusion from Grannie’s friend as to whose pug was hers and who was me (she is quite old – but her pugs are too so i was a touch put out that I was mistaken for a 10 year old lady-pug!).

John Donn was also at lunch (another friend of Grannie’s) who instantly said “oh, he’s sturdy” when he first met me.  Now, I grant you – I am sturdy but I wonder do people realise that actually it can be quite hurtful as it suggests I am slightly overweight which Minnie assures me I am not.  Ohhhhhh, when will someone meet me for the first time and simply say “oh, he’s the most perfect pug I have ever seen”?

It was a fairly tiring day, so had to take a long and well-deserved nap on the sofa when I got home.  Not a great picture below but I just couldnt move i was so exhausted.

Tired wilbur

I took up most of the sofa for most of the evening!

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