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I’m like… totally popular!

Thanks to Gary Holloway for pointing out this article to Minnie, who gave it to me to read. – click here to view the whole article.

I think the article really talks for itself and proves that we are a rather wonderful breed.  Although I did prefer it when we weren’t considered ‘trendy’ dogs by the press, we all knew that already but were happy to keep it that way, out of that darned media spotlight.

One thing does amuse me however in said article, which is the part that reads “They are stubborn, affectionate, fiercely loyal – and small enough to cuddle in one hand.” – ummmm, all true in general bu let’s just say to cuddle me in one hand the hand would have to be VERY big – 🙂

Gary – a ‘big up’ to you and thanks.  For all of those who don’t know, Gary is the man in the know at Fussels Fine foods – try their rapeseed oil, I hear it is rather good.

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Minnie has informed me she is going to the opening of a new Pet Pampering Parlour this evening (oh the glamour!) but is not taking me which I am a touch miffed about.  Lisa and Karen from ‘Happy Days Dog Care’ run it in Bristol.  Apparently it is for two-legged animals only.  At least I know that I will be getting a wash, shampoo, blow dry (LOVE IT!) and manicure soon though, Minnie has promised me!  I do need a bit of a mani-pedi really as Andy says I have claws like a velosoraptor, whatever that means?

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Christmas – all wrapped up

Phew!  Where does the time go?  I can’t believe it is 2011 already – happy new year everyone.

Us Campbells have had a lovely festive period, driving around all over the place seeing people.  We went to Shrivenham, Salisbury, Cardiff and Surrey.  So ok, not ALL over the place but across a small section of the south of the UK.  I got some fantastic Christmas presents including yummy cookies, a hedgehog buddy, a pheasant that actually sounds like a pheasant (madness I tell you!) and lots of yummy other food.  I am a very spoilt doggling.  Below is a series of pictures that hopefully show you all some of the fun that was had.

Poo patch

Jim is so kind - he cleared a patch in the snow for me and Oscar to poo in - I don't think it was for me but I did appreciate it!

I was helping Jim light the fire - but had to have my hoodie on to help him

I love my new toy pheasie - it has a great squark.

A boxing day walk in the snow with the Campbells and Huntleys

Grannie Fifi was trying to put a moustache on me - I didn't much like it!

I did however enjoy trying to give Kitty a big kiss. She is not really a fan of my work so it was a miracle I was on her lap at all


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