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Maximus. T. Doggius

Minnie, Andy and I went to ‘Dingley Dell’ this weekend in Hampshire, to stay with Steve and Sarah Millo and their new minature smooth-haired daschund Max.  I would like to believe that he is, definitely, my newest BFF.  And just in case you were wondering, T stands for ‘Tiny’!  I had a great time, running around chasing Max and letting Max chase me – although he did have a penchant for biting my tail which I am not sure was him trying to get my attention or rubbing in the fact that he has a very long tail?!  Either way I found I had to take refuge on the sofa every now and again.  I also thoroughly enjoyed playing Monopoly, I spent some time being the banker with Sarah, then helping Steve with his property porfolio.  Generally a great weekend all round, thanks guys!

Maximus T Doggius

Maximus T Doggius


Me and Max having a chat

Max and I having a chat about what it is like to be really small....and really cute.....

Me playing monopoly

Taking my turn as banker's assistant with Sarah

Me playing monopoly

Me deep in a property proposal with Steve.... buy sell.... buy sell....

Me in Max's crate

Me hoping for some time out in Max's crate, but I was foiled by the teeny tiny little thing.

Max and I are firm friends....although I think it is about time I gave him his crate back



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Beds are, in my opinion, probably the greatest invention.  My bed is pretty good, but human beds are just so much better!  Andy promised that he would never, ever let me up on the bed – but that soon failed and now a weekend cuddle in bed is one of the things I look forward to the most.  I like snuggling under the covers between Minnie and Andy, but my very favourite thing is going all the way to the bottom of the bed (under the duvet) and having a sleep in the warmth by their feet.

Here are just a few pics of me on the weekend enjoying a lie-in:

Sunday morning lie in Sunday morning lie in

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