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Too cold for pugs

We pugs are fair weather pugs.  We don’t do wet, we don’t do windy (as you know from my last post) and we certainly don’t do cold.  Even with the heating on in my home I am too cold and need to find extra layers for warmth – even if the only thing I can find are Andrew’s trackie bums!

Wilbur under clothes



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Wet, windy weather and me don’t mix

So Minnie tried to take me out for my usual constitution this morning – but as soon as she opened the door and it practically knocked her over with the force of the wind pushing against it I decided she was obviously trying to be funny and there was absolutely no way I was going to go walking in that.  What does she think I am?  Some kind of ruffian?  I pushed myself up against the door to avoid having that awful rain fall on me but she seemed to insist we had to go out.  Have you ever tried to dig your claws into concrete before?  It is hard I can tell you – although it gave my nails a bit of a file at the same time.  Minnie decided she would carry me to the grass – where I did obediently ‘do the do’ but then turned on my heel and ran all the way home.  I threw myself at the closed front door in the vain hope it would release under my (rather heafty 10kilo) weight but I had to wait for Minnie to let me in.   She then proceeded to eat breakfast and ignore my hints for a treat by repeatedly dropping my ‘kong’ at her feet – but I got a treat in the end when she left for work.  I hope Lisa doesn’t want me to walk today as it is still awful outside and I simply don’t find it in any way fun.

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Helping with the ironing

Andy (who according to Minnie is an ‘ace’ ironer) often needs some assistance when he is at the ironing board – so I help out where I can – as you can see from the below:

Wilbur helping with the ironing

Me being my usual helpful self!

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Yup – I really am ill!

Andy didn’t really believe that I was that ill – but Minnie was convinced so took me to the vet on Saturday morning and yes, I have kennel cough.  I had to have two nasty injections to make me feel better and am now on antibiotics to help me get better very quickly.  I am infectious though so couldn’t go to see Uncle Oscar in the evening (Min and Andy were having dinner with ‘the rentals’).  I was pretty lonely when they went out but got plenty of sleep so don’t mind too much.

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Ohh, I am so ill

Poor me, poor me.  I have a cold and am desperately unwell.  I have been sneezing everywhere and coughing all the time.  I have had to get Minnie to carry me around and love me even more than normal.  She has let me sleep on her bed during the day and I simply haven’t felt like leaving the house for walks.  Lisa did take me out to meet my friends which I quite enjoyed, but really looked forward to going back to bed.

I am on the mend I think, but it will be a few days before I am back to the ‘real’ me.  Get well wishes always welcome!

W xx

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