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Pugs sleep anywhere

I do adore spending time with Minnie and Andy on the weekend, but they do insist on running around ‘doing things’, so I sometimes struggle to find time to relax.  This means I have to improvise on where to chill, this includes between two cushions and Andy’s rucksack – see here:

Wilbur snoozing on cushions

Using cushions to bolster me is sooooo compfy!

Wilbur on a rucksack

Ok so the rucksack doesn't quite have the 'luxe' factor the cushions have, but needs must!


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Westonbirt rules

Yesterday, Andy and Minnie took me for our annual autumn trip to Westonbirt arboretum (apparently the Japanese maples are divine this time of year – I just think the place smells wonderful!).  They rather foolishly forgot my lead (uhhhh), so had a frantic search in the car for something to use as a lead.  The only thing they could find was a laptop power lead, so I was basically led around by a bit of wire attached to a plug!  It wasnt embarassing AT ALL!  luckily I could be let off the lead once in the woods.  It was so wonderful, there were loads and loads of other dogs to sniff and chase (although i was so good and always came back immediately when called).  Below are the photographic highlights of our trip:

Wilbur in the leaves

I didn't notice the leaves, but apparently they were rather lovely!

Minnie and Wilbur

Minnie trying to use me as a sheep-dog!!

Andy and Wilbur

Andy had more luck pretending I was his sheepdog!

Maple and Me

Andy and Minnie thought I was interested in the lovely leaves....

Wilbur and maple

...whereas really I was just looking for a good spot to pee!

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My new BFF (probably)

Minnie and Andy’s friends the Millos are getting a dog.  I am so excited just thinking about the thought of having a brand new BFF (I am so fickle!).  I wanted to show you all pics of ‘Otto’ the minature daschund that will be arriving in November.  Hopefully they won’t mind either – so here he is (Minnie says he is almost as cute as me when I was a puppy – good thing she said ‘almost’!):

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They’re back – without presents

Minnie and Andy finally got back yesterday from 8 days away.  They went to the caribbean for a holiday and decided not to take me (ummmm, hello! – what was that pet passport for then?!) and to make matters worse they came back without even a sniff of a present for me.  Uhhhh.  They did however kindly send me off to stay with my favourite people Lisa and Karen for the week.  I had the time of my life as ever.  Happily Simon (Karen’s other half) is now a ‘pug convert’, indeed his own words were “I wasnt sure at first but he sure grows on you, the little character.  He is a bulldozer of a dog, barging his way around but very sweet”.  Not sure I like the word ‘bulldozer’ when used in a character reference but I can live with it, he put up with my snoring at any rate.

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A world of poo!

Ummm yeah – so I first off have to say a MASSIVE apology to Jim and Derelys for my appauling antics this weekend.  I have disgraced myself and I am truly sorry.

For those of you who were not in Vicarage Lane this Saturday, basically I ran away.  I picked up my spotted hanky on a pole, ducked under the fence at the back of the garden and headed for the wilderness.  I soon found myself 3 fields away, filled with horses. All the strange sites and smells were so fun and scary at the same time.  I didn’t know the way home and my sense of direction isn’t the best so had to stay put (apparently dogs noses allow them to smell their way home, well it sure as heck isnt true with me – my stubby little nose puts paid to that skill!) Whilst enjoying the gifts the horses had left for me throughout the field, Jim found me.  I was a bit nervous that he was going to be cross with me so decided to ‘play a game’ – running away whenever he got near me.  Finally I succumbed and heard the wrath of Jim and was hauled home to spend  the rest of the afternoon in disgrace in the utility room.

Minnie and Andy returned from London at about 5.30 (after having moved Andrew out of his London flat – goodbye 41A Dawes Road) – and rather than my usual excitable greeting I felt it appropriate to be slow and fairly sheepish when greeting them.  I don’t think Minnie and Andy were particularly impressed when my antics were regaled by Jim & Derelys and I have a lot of sucking up to do.

I don’t think I will be welcome at Vicarage Lane anytime soon – which I am so sad about because I love spending time there… but I do deserve all the punishments I get.

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