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News headline – “America squashed by giant pug”

Minnie told me last night that our plans for a new life in America have sadly been dashed by a bunch of fools.  FOOLS I tell you.  I am going to eat lots of protein shakes and spinach (bluugchhh, maybe not spinach – that is a ‘green food’ and therefore on my list of ‘will not touch with a barge poll foods’) and make my way across the pond and squash America.  Squash them flat I tell you! I can see the headlines now……Godzilla eat your heart out.

Although I haven’t had a chance to see Andy yet and give him a MASSIVE lick, I will do that at the weekend.  He may not have America but he will always have me!


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My passport pose

Andy reckons I should pose like this for my passport picture – I am not sure!!  Any other thoughts?!

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The “right to roam”

I have just passed!  What did I pass you may well ask.  Well it was actually a blood test following my rabies jab last month.  If I hadn’t passed we would have had to go through the whole thing all over again – meaning more needles and more shaving of my chest (uhhhh!).  But now I am free to travel to my heart’s content – well once I have got my passport that is. Mmmmm, I think I need to work on my photographic poses.  Do we think ‘Magnum’ or ‘Blue Steel’?!

This is all rather ironic really since as it stands, we aren’t actually going anywhere….. maybe I will ask Minnie to take me to France, just to test it out – ohhh, I could become ‘Le Pug’…….

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Last weekend in London

After one whole year of spending most of my weekends in London, I am about to go to my flat for the last time.  I think I am quite sad about it actually.  Andy will be coming home for good in a few weeks so our flat in Fulham will be given away to the highest bidder. I am not allowed to be there on the last weekend because Minnie and Andy will be busy loading cars and apparently I will be too annoying (!?) strange but true!

I will miss the floor that was great to scratch, the walls that were perfect for chasing shadows on, the garden that was filled with strange London smells and the long Sunday mornings spend snuggled in bed with Minnie and Andy (when I could get away with it!)…….Goodbye Dawes Road.  You will be missed.

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Can pugs write?

This entry is just for my friend Steve Millo.  He apparently suggested/ hinted to Minnie in an email that it was actually her who wrote my blog entries?!  Uhhhh, no no my friend – pugs are the very cleverest of dogs and have opposable thumbs that they bring out when needed!

Ok there have been times when I am a bit too tired to write so I dictate to Minnie, but generally – its me, me, me

Woof for now (oh you non-believer!)

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Still have Lisa fooled!

Tee hee – I totally have my dog-walker Lisa fooled.  Her latest comment to Minnie was as follows:

“Wilbur enjoyed his time out.  He was so good, staying with the group & playing so nicely.  As always lovely to have him with me.”

Maybe she has got me mixed up with another dog called Wilbur and Minnie wasnt mean’t to get that text message?

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Pet passport hell

Last month I had my rabies jab – the second stage of the requirements  needed for me to get my pet passport (the first stage was being microchipped, luckily that was done when I was a really little puppy so I have almost forgotten the pain of that part!).  Today I had to go back for a blood test to check that the rabies jab  did its stuff.  Unfortunately for me they had to take blood from my neck so I had to get shaved.  AND the needle really hurt so I squirmed so much they had to try and take the blood not once, not twice but three times.  Apparently pugs are bad to take blood from because we have ‘thick necks and excess skin’ (I assume that was a term of endearment?!).  Anyway, I used to love James my vet and Michelle the nurse, but I simply had to get out of there and veritably launched myself at the door in an attempt to get out of that horried place.  Luckily when i got home Minnie gave me a nice treat to calm my nerves.  Fingers crossed the jab will have worked and I won’t have to go back for another one (oh just the thought scares me!)

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