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A wild weekend in West Wellow

Andy, Minnie and I are just back from spending the weekend with Mr & Mrs Millo and family in Hampshire.   Steve, Sarah and Jack  have lots of exciting pets, including 2 black cats, guinea pigs and fish – but more on that later.

On Saturday afternoon we actually went on a trip to Canada, which Steve hoped would make Andy feel at home (he was born in Canada) – however it wasn’t the ‘Real’ Canada of course, but the Canada village 3 miles away from where Steve and Sarah live).  I had a lovely time running across the heathland, but at one point during the walk my paws got quite sore from all the gorse so I had to be carried.

Here is a picture of the Millos, Andy and Me in Canada (excuse the picture quality – Amateurs!), note Steve loves me so much he wanted to hold my hand (sorry, paw) – i liked it!:

Me being cuddled by Andy in Canada!

Relaxing in the arms of my master in Canada

Steve and Sarah have two cats, as mentioned earlier.  Weasel and Mogli are two black cats – and boy did they not like me!  I was desperate to play with them, but they were desperate to avoid me and – perhaps rather sensibly – I had a firm swipe to the face soon after arrival.  Mogli was so totally unimpressed he stayed away all weekend.  Weasel warmed to me (I think) and did at one point come into the sitting room.  We didn’t get too close to each other however – see the ‘stand-off’ below:

STAGE 1 – Weasel risks the floor

the Weasel-Wilbur standoff

The Weasel-Wilbur standoff

STAGE 2 – Weasel takes to the table

Weasel and Wilbur

Weasel takes to the table

The Millo’s guinea pigs spend the summer outside in a nice hutch and I continued to be intrigued by their squeaking.  Minnie thought it was really brilliant that one of the guinea pigs is called ‘Ian’ !  The very best thing of course about guinea pigs is that they have very tasty poop pellets.  I snaffled them up when I could from the lawn, mmmmm – delicious.

I was also intrigued by the Millos fish.  I have never seen tropical fish before and was keen to stare – again, the picture quality not quite ideal but i don’t seem to be able to teach Andy or Minnie anything when it comes to photography:

Wilbur and the fish

Me and fish!

I had a rather super weekend and very much look forward to hanging out at the Dingley Dell again – although I somehow don’t think the cats will be all that delighted if I return anytime soon!  Weasel, Mogli, if you a reading this – I send you my very best regards and look forward to getting to know you better in the future.


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Making a pig’s ear

Ah – thank you Charlie and Boots.  These are my friends (a Yorkshire terrier and an old English Sheepdog) who I see occasionally on the downs.  Their owner (a fairly gruf Bristolian with a soft spot for soft dogs) recommended to Minnie that she buy me pigs ears to chew on – and boy are they delicious.

I am allowed one a day (they are only small) and once I am chewing I am completely absorbed.  I hear nothing apart from the chew chew chew of my yummy pigs ear.  The door bell rings, dogs bark on the TV and I don’t even flinch.  I think I am proving to Minnie that I definitely have selective hearing.

Yummy yummy yummy

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