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Andy’s home

Andy came home yesterday from London (I am led to believe not actually to see me but to play golf at The Celtic Manor in a tournament).  When I got back from my daily walk with Lisa he frightened us both by being in the house – but boy was I pleased to see him.

Because it is actually still school for Minnie this week, I get to spend the whole day today with Andy, hurrah!  When I had finished breakfast I dashed upstairs to say good morning.  I don’t understand why he doesnt like being leapt on and licked first thing in the morning? Very peculiar….

I wonder what fun and shenannigans we will get up to together?  Probably sleeping mostly, it is a pastime we share a passion for.


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Thanks to Adam Deacon for this little video courtesy of YouTube.

Oh how I wish I could do this too!

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The Seven Faces of The Wilbs

(Well, 4 really)

I am a funny pug!  I sit in strange positions quite a lot, so thought I would share a couple of pics that Minnie and Andy have taken of me in a variety of such positions:

1. The Widdgety Grub

Wilbur the grub

2. The beached whale

Wilbur the whale

3. The ‘I sit like a dumpy human’

Wilbur the human

4. and last but not least, the ‘Ohhhh no, my back legs don’t work’

Wilbur has soft legs

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Long time no woof

Sooooo sorry to all my loyal fans that I haven’t been online for a while (Adam, Derelys, Laura, Andy and the Millos to name but a few).  Minnie is now away at work 5 days a week (she has what she calls ‘a real job’) so I am generally too busy sunning myself in the garden to type type type.

I now get to spend an hour every day with my favourite dog walker sitter Lisa from Happy days dog care.  I go for a walk in the woods or a splash in a river and often spend it with my best friend Archie or my girlfriend Maisie.  Ahhhh, happiness is a pug with his harem.  A little while ago (way back in June) Andy and Minnie went to Bavaria for a week walking and I spent the whole week with Lisa at her house with all her dogs.  When Minnie and Andy got back and took me home I slept pretty much solidly for two days I was so tired from all the playing I had done in that week.  I think a week is more than I can handle!

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