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Pretending to be a flag stone

Ironically, Minnie and Andy have flag-stones the same colour as me – so when I sit in the sun you can hardly see me.

Can you spot me in the below photo?

Me pretending to be a paving slab


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Not such a star dog!

So, after getting huge praise from Lisa my walker, I felt I needed to bring Minnie back down to earth (quite literally!).  So I chose to dig up her freshly planted peppers.  Simple yet effective.  Obviously I wasn’t foolish enough to get caught in the act so the chastisment was limited (Who? Me?  I didn’t do that?  – no, probably a cat from next door).  However Minnie has now laid a baracade.  Mmmm, I may try and break that.

Mmmm, peppers and earth The baracade

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Star Dog!

I just wanted to share with you all a text that was sent to Minnie following my walk today:

“Wilbur has had a run around in the woods, even had a paddle.  He is my star dog! Always gets on with others and his recall is excellent!  He’s a joy to be with.”

CHECK ME OUT!!!  I don’t think Sebastian would agree with all of those comments however.

Woof for now

W x

May 19, 2010 at 2:39 pm 2 comments

The next in a long line of ailments

So, I have felt recently that Minnie hasn’t  paid enough attention to me recently.  It could have something to do with her new job.  So, I felt it was time to pay her back – and did it in the form of getting hayfever! Oh yeah.  I now sneeze and sneeze when we go walking in the grass.  Haha, serves her right.  Bit annoying for me of course becuase I am always sneezing.  I sort of hope it will ease up soon.

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Oooh, dog in a wig!! :)

I absolutely love the latest advert from Orange.  In case you haven’t seen it – click here and select the ‘dolphin TV advert’ – let me know if you like it too!

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The naughty step and a moccasin

Whooo!  What a weekend.  I am now just so tired that I am relaxing leisurely on the sofa next to Minnie – and am thus dictating my thoughts to her.  My little paws are just too exhausted to type. Here is an overview of what we did:

On Friday Minnie and I travelled to London and spent the night with Andy before travelling down to Surrey on Saturday morning to stay with Kitty, Rupert, Sebastian and Sienna.  Great times were had – but there was a confusing time when according to Sebastian I had been naughty and he felt I should spend time on the naughty step (well, fairs fair I suppose, if he has to go on a naughty step then it would makesense that I should too – assuming I would EVER do anything wrong!).  Luckily though he did agree that I wouldn’t have to spend three minutes on the naughty step because I wasn’t three yet.  Phew!  Unfortunately my strength (like an ox me!) did mean I accidentally pull Sebastian over when we were on a walk on Saturday afternoon.  So so sorry Sebs, I really didn’t mean to.  It was Kitty’s birthday so we had lots of fun – apparently I wasn’t suppose to eat the wrapping paper of her presents (mmm, weird!).

This morning we had fun in the garden (after I had managed to sneak a few of Sebastian’s strawberries that Kitty cooked in pancakes for breakfast – ok so that didn’t go down very well, but luckily there were more to give Sebastian!), then we travelled a few miles down the road to have lunch with the Hacketts.   I did have to spend most of the time in my crate because Poppy (the Hacketts baby girl) is only 4 months old and she wouldn’t really have appreciated it if I licked her face.  After that we had lunch Andy was going to play cricket with James so Pippin, Minnie, Poppy and I went for a walk to Pippin’s parents house to pick up Moccasin, a GORGEOUS minature long-haird dashund.  She was so much smaller than me and didn’t take to me straight away, but sure enough my charm won out and we were soon merrily playing on the walk around the field.  Super!

We left at around 3 (after Andy had been bowled out of the cricket match) and are now back in Bristol.

Ahhh, now watching a tv programme about the search for the latest ‘Toto’for the theatre production of Wizard of Oz.  There is a pug called Eddie in the running who I REALLY hope wins!

Woof for now xx

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“I can see clearly now my dry eyes are better”

Ok so not quite the original lyrics but you get the drift!

According to the vet following my latest visit, things are on the up in the ‘Wilbur eye’ department.  Clearly this is good news all round – as it means I can see better and Minnie doesn’t have to spend so long chasing me round the house attempting to put eye-drops in.  She still has to do it once a day, but that is certainly better than 2-4 times.  Apparently I don’t have to go back to the vet for a whole month now – whoo hooo!

May 11, 2010 at 12:15 pm 1 comment

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