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Soft soft soft

Bed-linen change day for Minnie means super comfy bed for me – at least for a short while!

So, so, so comfy right now


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Green eyes

Just back from the second trip to the vet in as many days.  The lesion on my eye seems to be healing well, according to the vet.  He did check by putting green dye into my eyes which made me look (apparently!) very strange for a while.  I still fight like hell when Minnie tries to put the lotion in my eye twice a day though… it’s just not natural.  She is trying all manner of cunning ways to get the gunk into my eyes when I am not watching – but I always see it coming.  I actually produced a ‘real’ growl last night when Minnie got near me.

I have to go back for more tests next week, but fingers crossed the vet’s worst-case scenario (blindness!?) will not happen.

Woof for now, W xx

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Crufts – the greatest show in the world

Crufts was on the TV last weekend, and I was totally drawn in by the ‘fly-ball’ competition.  The dogs sounded like they were having such a blast that I had to get ‘up-close-and-personal’ to the television.  I was a bit confused that when looking behind the screen the dogs weren’t there, but enjoyed barking and barking with the other dogs nonetheless.

Wilbur and Crufts

Here's me watching the fly-ball competition

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Is it a pug – or is it ET?

I just love love love bathtime.   Sadly I only get bathed when both Minnie and Andy are at home (apparently I am too much of a handful for Minnie on her own – mmmm, questionable).

Minnie runs the bath (yes, I do use their bath for my ablutions, not the sink thank goodness) and puts in my ‘gentle on the eyes’ shampoo so there are a few bubbles, I love bubbles (particuarly eating them).   Then when it is optimum pug-washing temperature and depth I get to dive in.  I splash around for a bit enjoying the bubbles.  I get shampooed by Andy and rinsed with the shower.  Then I get scooped up out of the bath and towel-dried.

Here is a picture of me after a recent bath.  Minnie says I look like a famous extra terrerestrial.   Either way, I am soooooo cute!

Wilbur after a bath

ET and I could have been brothers!

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A Royal visit

Minnie, Andy and I went to stay at The Royal Oak in Winsford last weekend.  How cool to have a dog-friendly hotel in such a gorgeous part of the country.  I couldn’t believe my luck that I didn’t get left at home!   The weather was amazing and we had a long walk up around Winsford hill and the punchbowl in the afternoon – but we parked at the hotel and once I was let out of the car I stormed into the hotel, immediately through to the restaurant , I think there was a call of ‘in-coming’ from Minnie and Andy.  I met the owner Ed who thought I was pretty cute (he has spaniels so I am not his preferred choice of dog I don’t think).  Our room was huge and so comfy, I even had my own ‘room’ to sleep in (ok it was really the dressing room but it felt like my own).

On Sunday morning Iwoke up to find I had a problem with my eye.  Minnie and Andy were panicking so felt rather than going for another long walk we should head back to Bristol.  They felt so sorry for me that I got to spend some time in bed with them – hurrah!

Wilbur and Andrew in bed

Andrew and I enjoying a morning chillax!

I have since been to the vet about my eye and he is pretty worried about me, so I think I am going to have to go back for more tests.  Ohhhhhh how dull (but the worst thing is that i don’t like having my eyes checked out by the vet so have to be sedated – minnie says carrying a dead-weight pug is hard work! – huuhh, I am only 9kg – is that fat?)

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My first award!

I think I might be the first puppy in the Campbell/Peel family to be the proud owner of a certificate AND a rosette and golly am I proud (and Minnie is a bit too I think!).

On Monday night I was put through a series of tests set by the Kennel Club.  If I passed all these tests (yeah, ALL of them, it’s not like a driving test where you can have a few minors but still pass – what’s that all about!? – I could clearly drive if I put my mind to it, although I suppose I would have to use a booster cushion, haha!….) sorry, I digress….. if I passed all these tests, I would pass the ‘Puppy Good Dog Citizen Scheme’ set by the kennel club.

Low and behold, I did pass all of the tests (including ‘taking a treat in a well behaved manner, walking to heel, lying down on command etc) and thus now have a certificate and rosette as proof of this.

Next, the bronze award, but think I have some way to go to get that one.

Woof for now. W x

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Latest pic – the word you are looking for is ‘smoldering’

I have given up trying to upload new images, somehow it has taken far far too long for my short attention span… but I did manage one for you folks.  Here is a recent pic of me looking, I think you will agree, rather smart, stylish and handsome…

Oooh, what a hunk (that's what Minnie says anyway!)

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