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Maudie has been usurped!

Maudie, if you are reading this, I am sorry but I just don’t think we would have worked out after all.  As I am sure you agree I am a devilishly handsome pug who doesn’t want to sadden the lives of others by staying true to only one.

Plus I have met Deloris – a heavenly black pug whom I met on a visit to Battersea Park with Minnie and Andy last Saturday.  She is small, very black and has gorgeous googly eyes, ahhhh – divine.

Hope you understand,

W xxx


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Heaven is Pound House

Minnie took me along to supper with her friend Katie last week.  I was pretty excited because Minnie said there would be other dogs there – but wasn’t expecting the myriad dogs that leapt out of the door following our arrival!  2 lurchers, a whippet, 2 jack russells and a labrador greeted me.  Well, you can imagine just what I thought of all this.

After lots of hellos and bottom sniffing I cornered in on Maudie, the youngest jack.  Fair to say she is now the love of my life!  (needless to say there was air-humping, which did NOT go down well with Katie’s brother Ollie, I don’t think he was appreciating the work of ‘Pugus Gigantus’!) .  We (well probably more ‘I’ than ‘we’) enjoyed frollicking together until finally I had to be banished to my crate for what was deemed inappropriate behaviour.

Ah well, Maudie, I love you!

W xx

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Snowballs – why so big?!

It has been snowing loads and loads for the past few days.  Far more so than before Christmas.  I was pretty tentative as I stepped outside last Wednesday when Minnie opened the kitchen door, but got used to it quickly.  What I didn’t get used to was the sudden appearance of a large number of giant snowballs and snowmen.  Everywhere, hundreds of them!  The first few I saw really got my wrath and I felt obliged to bark and bark at them.  Uhhh, they are so annoying (although as the days have gone on they have proved to be good ‘sniffing’ grounds – if you get my meaning!)

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New Year 2009

Andy, Minnie and I spent New Year’s Eve in Hampshire with the Millos, the Medcalfs and James Somerville and his girlfriend Gill.  I tried to be as cute as can be – I think Amanda Medcalf liked me the best!  We didn’t stop partying until about 5am on New Year’s day so am still suffering!  Here are a few pics of the evening.

Me and the group of new year revellers I have grown a bit since James last held me like this!

Me and Amanda I enjoyed licking Simon's face!

I love cigars

I wanted some of Andy's cigar, but really didn't like his silly wig!

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The Christmas period in pictures

As you can tell I haven’t been online for a while – been busy making merry with various members of my ‘clan’.  Rather than babbling on and on about exactly what I did each day, I figured I would just show you what I have been up to via the medium of pictures.  Enjoy!

I woke up on 22nd Dec to find my world covered in a strange thing that is apparently called snow.  I wasn’t really that phased by it actually, it tasted pretty good (I did enjoy eating it) and we had some fun playing in it. Andy and I still make a great team!

The lesser-spotted snow pug I am the lesser-spotted snow pug! Minnie and me in the snow

My first Christmas day was spent in Cardiff with Minnie’s family.  I got LOADS of presents including a squeaky chicken and ‘Poochi’ man-bag from my BFF Sebastian, a great ball from Christopher and a little puppy that I can look after (it squeaks and I get very protective over it!) from Grannie Fifi.  Minnie forgot to bring my stocking (can you believe it?  she is so annoying) but I had fun anyway.  As you can imagine it was pretty tiring so I did spend some time sleeping!

Ahh! I love wrapping paper Me being given the squeaky chickenMe, Sebs, Andy and the squeaky chicken

Me and the 'Poochi' man bag I still love my basket, even if it is a little small!

So after spending Christmas day in Cardiff, Minnie, Andy and I headed off to Shrivenham to spend the next couple of days with Andy’s family.  We went for a lovely long walk, but I was absolutely knackered after it and therefore spent much of the time sleeping.  Dom Huntley was good to sit on, and I did enjoy the odd snooze on Laura’s lap! There was the odd incidence of Oscar and I disagreeing over whose bone was whose, but generally I realised his superiority and looked on in awe as he chewed away.

Me and Dom Huntley Laura and me asleep Waiting for the moment when I can steal Oscar's chew!

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