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What’s in a name

Just to clarify something for all you non-believers out there –  below is a picture of the famous Kay Thompson character Eloise, with her ‘faithful’ pug Weenie.  THIS is why Minnie wanted to call me Weenie, having grown up reading Eloise books.  I think I am glad that Andy was quite so strong on the veto of that name – although digging the glasses, perhaps Minnie will buy me some of my very own?

Eloise and Weenie

This practically IS Minnie and I anyway, just different names!


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My first Christmas party

Last night Minnie and I went to my dog-training Christmas party.  All the dogs from all the classes got together for one big knees up.  Gosh it was exciting!  My favourites were there of course, namely Martin and Toby (Bishon Frise and Burmese Mountain Dog respectively) along with about 25 other other dogs and their owners.  Minnie was given a card by Toby’s owners, it had a picture of a pug humping someone’s leg on it.  I mean, is that meant to be funny?!

After having a go at a quiz (all about dogs, Minnie didn’t fair very well – uhh, she’s so annoying!) we started the games.  The first game was “walk to the music, when the music stops all dogs sit, the last dog sitting is out” and so on.  We were doing pretty well and got down to the last 5 or so dogs.  Unfortunately after that I got bored and when Minnie said ‘sit’ the next time I took that as ‘hump my leg’.  Everyone in the room laughed and laughed.  Minnie went very red!

The next game was ‘do not eat the sausage’ (I am sure you can guess where this is going!).  We were in teams of about 5 dogs.  Each dog had to walk up the hall, take a piece of sausage off a chair and bring it back to an empty chair on the other side of the hall.  Uhhh, yeah, as if I am going to NOT eat a piece of sausage as soon as it is put in my mouth!  There was not even a hint of sausage left before I arrived back at the end of the hall.  Needless to say my team didn’t win.

We had a few more games, including musical chairs and then the humans had some food.  Then came the raffle.  We had bought 2 strips and won twice.  The first time I HAD to pick a little soft toy that had the name ‘Martin’ tatooed onto his overalls.  Obviously we knew I couldn’t keep it, and gave it to my friend Martin as a present.  He loved it and pawed me in the face to say thanks.  We had a bit of a tussle, it was fun!  On the next winning ticket there wasnt much left to choose from so I let Minnie pick some bath stuff for her.  I certainly wasn’t going to use it, it smells like girls!

The whole evening was fairly long but great fun.  I didn’t get to bed until about 11pm.  Whoo, knackering!!

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1/3 Pug, 1/3 cushion, 1/3 widgetty grub!

Andy and Minnie went for a long run on Sunday in London, and when they got back Andy had to take a quick snooze on the sofa.  I offered my super-soft squidgy body as a pillow for him, but judging by the picture below, I am not quite sure what I actually am – a pillow or a giant grub?!  I have to giggle at the look on my face in this pic, I think I am saying ‘Ummm, Minnie, what exactly is going on here.  Do you think it is safe to move?!”

Wilbur the grub

All my fat has squidged up to the top of my body!!

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Quite the very best guard dog??

It is said (apparently) that we pugs make good guard dogs.  Well Minnie definitely thinks so.  If she is working upstairs and I am ‘lounging’ downstairs (probably on the sofa) and I hear anything suspicious, I bark wildly then have to dash upstairs to check Minnie is ok.  All that energy expended, I have to lie down for a while then, but at least I am taking care of her!  Or am I scared and simply using her as a sheild from the unfriendly noises?  I will let you decide!

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Half dog half sheep

Whenever Minnie and I go out walking, I have a tendency to start charging around like a mad-dog, then find the biggest clump of grass I can and chomp away at the grass (often leaving strands hanging out of my mouth for ages!).  I am generally not hungry or sick, so think perhaps I am simply half sheep?  A dog psychiatrist may have differing views on this however I suspect!  If anyone knows why I may do this, do get in touch.

Woof for now. W xx

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