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The check-up

Minnie and I went to the vet for my 3-day check up today.  All generally ok although I do have a sore rash from the operation so Minnie has got some ointment that she has to rub onto my wound twice a day.  Lucky her – I get the impression she is very much looking forward to it!  I don’t mind the vet so much, this time he gave me treats for being so brave.  Whoo hoo!  Minnie did laugh when the vet asked whether I had been off my food since the op – uhhh, no, I don’t think so.  I live for food!  Don’t have to go to the vet for another week now, which I suppose is good really.


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Me and my family

I managed to climb up to my look-out point today, despite the pain.  However the strain of the jump tired me out so I had to use a picture of Andy and Minnie as a chin rest.  It’s nice though as it was me with my family – all of us together!

Wilbur and his parents

Me and my family

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Feeling low

Well, after feeling surprisingly perky following my surgery yesterday, I am really feeling quite low today.  I am walking and sitting very gingerly, and just needing lots and lots of love from Minnie and Andy.  I am still rather tired, and have found myself falling asleep standing up today (as I prefer to stand as it relieves the pain).  Minnie was mean and took some pics of me falling asleep, using Andy’s hand as support:

Being shy

STAGE ONE - feeling low and being a bit pathetic

Wilbur and andy's hand

STAGE TWO - Getting tired and using Andy's hand as a chin rest

Wilbur and Andy's hand

STAGE THREE - getting very sleepy now

Wilbur and Andy

STAGE FOUR - Really struggling to sit up now, and Andy's arm is now holding me up

Wilbur and Andy

STAGE FIVE - Even Andy's arm was no longer strong enough to support me so I slid to the floor!



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Did someone say “boll**ks”?

Oh no, they probably didn’t, certainly not in relation to me anyway as yesterday I spent the day in the vet, losing my manhood.

After long discussions Minnie and Andy decided that I to have ‘the op’ in order to make me a little calmer and gentler.  Minnie didn’t really want me to have the op but does agree that it is for the best. Hahha – let’s wait and see!

Minnie dropped me off at the vet’s at 9 o’clock. It was a little strange being left at the vet’s by myself, but I cheerfully chatted to the vet whilst she slipped out.  Obviously I was totally unaware what was going on so thought the whole thing really rather good fun.  It became clear to me why Minnie was more emotional than me a few hours later when I woke up with a shaved leg (with injection wound) and considerably lighter shall we say!

At 5 o’clock Minnie came to pick me up and golly I was pleased to see her.  I think she was expecting me to be sleepy and low, but I surprised her by being really very chipper.  I told Minnie that I had been very brave, no whimpering or complaining at all.

As the pain relief wore off it definitely became more painful and I went through a very low patch, really feeling unsurprisingly sorry for myself and sitting/walking very gingerly.   Andy arrived from London just after 10 o’clock on Friday night and spent lots of time giving me love.  Here are some pics of me on ‘my’ part of the sofa recuperating.  If you look closely you can see my war wounds.

Wilbur recuperating

Andy giving me love - although he seems to be getting in the way of the camera!

Wilbur recuperating

Lying propped up on the sofa is the most comfy position for me at the moment.

I am still feeling very vulnerable and low.  I have not barked at anything and Minnie and Andy are worried because I haven’t been to the loo yet!!  I am just a bit scared of tearing my wound if I do so avoiding going outside.  We tried to go for a walk this morning but I really didn’t want to go.  We got to the first patch of grass and didn’t go any further and headed home.  I reckon I can milk this for a few more days before Minnie starts to get cross and make me do exercise!!

I am going to go back to sleep now, in front of a nice fire and the rugby – so speak soon!

W xx

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A herd of pugs and a surprising dip

I spent the weekend in London again this weekend.  On Friday Minnie and I went to Battersea Park to meet my cousins, Piglet and Percy Pug.  They were AMAZING and I had the best best day.  I am bigger than both of them but instantly hit it off with Percy who I adore.  Piglet is a little more demure as he has bad eye-sight (but I still love, love, love him) so I spent most of our walk running around after Percy.  I was totally showing off, doing lots of pug runs, chasing Percy, chasing birds.  I did get a HUGE surprise when during one moment of supreme showing off I lauched myself into the lake, not realising that it was far too deep for me.  I sunk like a stone and after a few seconds came up gasping for breath and totally shocked by what had happened.  I wasn’t going to be embarassed though so shook myself off and carried on going a little nutty.   Minnie had to give me a long towel dry before getting in the car, I don’t really know why though as it was pouring with rain anyway!

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The ‘new kid’ with the funny name

Ohhh – another thing I almost forgot to mention is about a new dog at school.  It 2 years old, owned by a boy probably aged 24, who wears caps, hoodies and trainers.  Nothing surprising there.  However what IS surprising is that a) it is a tiny white Bishon Frise and b) it is called MARTIN!!!

Minnie thinks this is simply glorious and actually laughed outloud on Monday when said boy was trying to train ‘Martin’ to sit.

AM-AZ-ING (that’s gangsta speak for amazing!)

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Promotion to the second grade

ALMOST forgot to let you all know that at college on Monday evening I was taken aside at the end and told that I am being ‘promoted’ to the next level up of training classes.  Whooo hooo!  This isnt happening for a few weeks (Minnie said something about me having to wait until I have had my ‘op’ – mmmm, wonder what that is about?) but it is apparently all extremely exciting and I will have to work even harder at being a good pug.  Boorrring!!

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