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How I have grown

Just managed to find the time to download a couple pics of me from  the camera.  How I have grown!!

Wilbur 001

Wilbur 002


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Minnie just caught me playing with a pair of her newly washed tights. I am soooooo cute!!

Wilbur 003

Wilbur 004

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Missing Andy

Minnie thinks I must be missing Andy, because when she realised I wasnt at her feet a few moments ago she went to look for me, and found me curled up on her and Andy’s bed, snuggled into his jacket that Minnie had put out ready to go to London this evening.

Sorry Andy!!

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Things I like….

Burying bones under Minnie’s pillow.  Always entertaining for me and always annoying for Minnie.  ‘Nuff said!

Leaves.  I had a brilliant time this weekend chasing hundreds of fallen leaves with Andy and Minnie.  Apparently the wind was taking them (it was very cold and kept going into my ears which I really didn’t enjoy) BUT I think that they were simply taunting me and requiring me to chase about 100 at the same time.  Got all a bit confusing but was great fun!

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Getting peed on

Yes, the title says it all.  This morning Minnie and I were out for our usual constitution and we bumped into a rather excitable young husky/german shepherd who always wants to play a little bit too much.  He is definitely NOT a ‘DLU’ (Dog like Us) and I try to avoid him when I can, but this time the owner saw us and waited for us to go and say hello (uhh, Minnie wasn’t best pleased).   Today he really topped his previous exploits by actually cocking his leg on me!  There were no lamp-posts or tree stumps near by and so his pee was definitely aimed at me (despite his owner saying otherwise – yeah, whatever!).  Scanky dog.  I felt unclean and proceeded to have to scent every single blade of grass on the way home to re-assert my manliness.

We will have to stop going out at the normal time now as we are bumping into said dog way too often.

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And… I’m back

Hi, my name’s Wilbur and its been over two weeks since my last post.

Hahah – right councelling session over, back to the good stuff – what have I been up to?

Well it has been a busy few weeks so I will have to run through everything briefly.

I spent a long weekend with Grannie Fifi, Sebastian, Kitty and another little person called Oscar Brazier a couple of weekends ago, whilst Minnie headed off the London – again!  Oscar is still a little bit too small to be fun and therefore I was banished to my crate on a number of occasions.  Plus Grannie Fifi locked me out in the garden whilst they were having breakfast – I got my own back by scratching the living daylights out of her back door.  Minnie says I have to go and paint it for Grannie Fifi when the weather gets warmer.

The next weekend was spent with Derelys, Jim and Oscar (a dog this time – much more to my liking).  I had a super time playing at being houdini (I managed to escape from my collar whilst Jim was walking Oscar and I – I didnt go very far but I still managed it – haha!) and sniffing Oscar’s bum.  I did have to be deterred from sniffing too vigorously by Derelys and a water spray though, but Minnie seemed to approve.

Lisa my dogsitter is on holiday at the moment so am being walked (alone – I am still banished from the group walks) by Karen.  She is kind. I like her.

I have discovered that climbing onto Minnie and Andrew’s bed and chewing her bedtime reading is not considered good manners – so I have to say I am sorry by lying on my back at her feet.

I am still practicing cocking my leg – going pretty well so far.

I still love attacking dandelions.  Always have, always will.

Am sure there is lots I have missed out but don’t want to bore you, so will leave it there for now.

W xx

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Cock-a-doodle doo!

Today, aged 6 months and 3 weeks, I have begun to cock my leg in earnest.  I have not quite mastered the technique and am still testing out the best height to cock the leg against trees, lamp-posts, blades of grass etc without falling over – but I think I am getting there.  It should be noted that this leg-cocking is purely for scent-marking purposes.  When I want to actually go for a pee, I still squat like a girl!

Onwards and upwards!

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