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Banished from group walking

I got some bad news today.  My dog walker Lisa has noticed that my hormones have started to kick in, and therefore she is kicking me out!!  She says that my behaviour is not tolerable with other dogs, so she won’t include me in group walks until I am neutered.  Minnie is actually a bit upset I think – I personally think that bitches on heat shouldn’t be allowed to be walked either – as that is just putting temptation in my way.  But it seems that isnt the way it works.  Hopefully we will find a good resolution to this.


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Westonbirt Arboretum

Minnie and Andy had the week off last week – which meant they had lots of time to play with me – hurrah!  One day we all went to Westonbirt Arboretum – which was ace.  We went for a really long walk through the trees.  We met lots of other dogs (I was INCREDIBLY well behaved and came back when I was called) and also met a woman working in the wood – I wasnt so sure of her so instead of being friendly I barked and barked at her.  It was apparently fairly embarassing.

Here are some pics from our day out

Minnie and Me at Westonbirt

Minnie and Me at Westonbirt

Andy and Me at Westonbirt

Andy and Me at Westonbirt

Little 'ole me at Westonbirt

Little 'ole me at Westonbirt

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Just doin’ ma emails

Minnie caught me in the act of catching up with my email correspondence the other day – she took a picture so I thought I would show you all too….

I was minding my own business, catching up with emails, when Minnie papped me.  Uhh, she's so annoying!

I was minding my own business, catching up with emails, when Minnie papped me. Uhh, she's so annoying!

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In the press

Haha!  My charm, sophistication and good looks have made it into the media.  Well – the latest edition of  ‘Happy Times -‘  the newsletter written by my dog-walker Lisa.   See if you can spot me.

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Last night a DJ saved my life…

Well, actually – I need to change the words of that ‘InDeep’ song to be “At the weekend Derelys saved my life”.

Whilst staying at with Jim and Derelys this weekend I got a rawhide bone stuck in my throat when Minnie and Andy were out – so  Derelys and Laura had to save me from choking.  A rather harrowing experience (particularly for Derelys I think) but I came out of it unscathed.  Thank you to my heros!!

This drama came after a long weekend of fun and shennanigans.  On Friday night Nick and Nats Bourne came to say with us in Bristol.  Nick thought I was soooo fat but we bonded.  Nats said she would dog-sit me too which is praise indeed.  Then on Saturday we drove to Vicarage Lane to stay with J and D and Laura.  As ever I was delighted to see them all and Uncle Oscar – I think of it more like my own home now so charge in at full pace, not stopping to say hello to anyone.

Most of the weekend was spent with my nose firmly wedged up Oscar’s bum – which I am lead to believe was pretty unpleasant for those who had to watch it.    Apparently we look like a bendy-bus!!  Oscar loves it of course.

I did manage to gain access to the raised pond for the first time this weekend too – which was great fun for me but less fun for those other members of the family who had white trousers on when I jumped up at them.  My successful foray into the pond led to me having to have a bath – with shampoo!!  Minnie and Andy both helped lather me up and rub me down.  I rather enjoyed the feeling of warm water on my skin – although didn’t like it when Minnie accidentally got a bit of water in my ear.  Of course I did make further attempts to get back into the pond, but a baracade of garden furniture was put up around the pond to foil my plans.  I still managed one more visit but got such a chastising by Derelys that I felt perhaps it was time to end that game….. until next time!

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I love Whippets!

This morning Minnie and I took our early morning walk on the downs with Hugh from ‘over the road’ and his two whippets.  I was allowed off the lead to play with Casper and his brother (can’t remember his name!) and I tried as hard as I could to keep up with them but I just couldn’t!  I was good though and came to Minnie when she called me, although didn’t hang around and grabbed the treat from her hand before dashing off to join the boys again.  Casper got a bit frisky with me in the end which scared me, meaning I cowered behind Hugh and Minnie for the rest of the walk.   Minnie didn’t realise quite how far my tail could bend underneath me!  Generally it was good fun though and I think I might be allowed to see them again.

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Extra walks

Sometimes, when Minnie or Andy can’t be around in the day,  my friend Lisa comes and takes me out.  4 of us (me, Lisa and a few other of my doggy chums) go to fun places like Ashton Court.  Yesterday Lisa took some pictures of me on one of our walks, so I thought I would show you them.

Lisa and Me at Ashton Court - I was knackered!

Lisa and Me at Ashton Court - I was knackered!

Me, Lisa and my doggy chums

Me, Lisa and my doggy chums

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