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My new favourite pastime – barking

Recently I have decided to voice my opinions by barking.  I understand this is definitely not considered good manners in a house such as ours but there are a couple of things that are really irritating me.  These are:

The television.  I was watching a programme about sealions earlier and the noise of them barking made me go wild – I felt it very necessary to bark at the television until the channel was changed.

People playing the recorder.  Our neighbours children have taken up this excrutiating pastime and the high-pitched whine of this most evil of ‘musical’ instruments requires me to make my feelings known.  Not sure it would be any better if they could actually hold a tune?

Uhh ohh – Minnie says I am becoming a grumpy old pug – but I am only 6 months old…… it is a slippery slope!


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Entertaining again

I forgot to update you all on who I met on the weekend just passed – Kate W-J came to stay which was so lovely.  She really seemed to like me which I was super chuffed about and I just loved her.  Minnie had warned me before she arrived that she might not like me (she used to have a labrador – a ‘proper’ dog apparently – I have no further comment on that!)  but once again, I believe I won her over with my charm and impeccable behaviour (!!?).  Perhaps I went a bit overboard with the licking but all in all, it was great.

On Sunday Simon and Amanda Medcalf dropped in for lunch.  Amanda picked me up and cuddled me and stroked me which obviously made me adore her too – I think even Meds himself thought I was ‘a-ok’!  They have given Minnie and Andy a really lovely orchid as a present which I am under STRICT instructions not to touch as Minnie really wants this plant to actually survive!

Minnie and Andy don’t have anyone staying this weekend so I am going to have to put up with just the two of them – boorrrinnngg.

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The human touch

Minnie is working from home today and has decided to work in the kitchen (not sure why – she normally works upstairs, perhaps she missed me so much yesterday she can’t bear to be apart from me?).  Anyway because we all know how much I love human contact, I decided that I wanted to sit at her feet but obviously wanted to relax in some comfort (lino is so unpleasant in the cooler weather) –  so quietly picked up my bed and moved it from my crate to next to Minnie’s feet.  This is a great way to ensure she doesn’t move (by placing a strong paw on her toes) AND chew my bone.  Simples!

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Charge of the light…. (no brigade)

Andy thought he was soooooo funny a few days ago.  He found a laser pen and moved it slowly around the floor by my feet.  Ooooh, it made me go wild as I just couldn’t catch it.  I chased this darned red light for many minutes before Andy decided he was being a bit mean and stopped.  Obviously after about 1 minute of playing I was well aware of the ‘trick’ that was being played on me but continued to chase the light as Andy seemed to be having so much fun!

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Highly desirable

Minnie recently noticed that I was getting a bit darker in colour, and have now got a darker stripe along my back.  She did some research about this and the following quote was found:

“A dark stripe down the spine to the base of the tail is normal on a fawn pug and is actually considered a desired feature in a pug as one of the AKC standards for the breed.”

Need I say more….

I think on that note I will go and find the best place in the house to sunbathe, which is normally in Andy and Minnie’s room just under the window, I wonder if I can sneak up there without Minnie seeing?

Woof for now.

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My New Best Friend

Sebastian, Kitty and Rupert came to stay for the weekend just ended.  I was so totally thrilled to see them all.  I think Sebastian and I are now best friends (despite the fact that I did try and nibble him a few times which I am SO sorry about – mmm, do I love him a bit more than he loves me, probably!).  When they left on Sunday I let Sebs give me a big kiss on the lips, I am not sure Kit was all that happy about it – oops! I got a bit sad when Sebastian cried on the weekend though, so ran in circles around him hoping to help him feel better.  I think I was a good distraction.  We had lots of fun blackberry picking, running around the house and having general merriment.  I am still a bit of a handful in the mornings though, so had to be kept away from Sebs until I had calmed down enough to be stroked by him.  All in all I had a super duper time and can’t wait for them to visit again.  Here are a couple of pics from the weekend.

Mmm, I look more pregnant than Kit who is due in 3 months - better start that diet!

Mmm, I look more pregnant than Kit who is due in 3 months - better start that diet!

Posing with my BFF Sebastian

Posing with my BFF Sebastian

Me!! I still love posing for the camera

Me!! I still love posing for the camera

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First time for everything

Minnie was VERY excited on Friday last week because I made my very first attempt at cocking my leg.  I have to say I felt like a bit of a fool and didn’t quite get my balance right, but I think I could get the hang of it in time.   I have reverted to my old method for the time being, because I don’t feel I am quite grown up enough to cock my leg ALL the time. I am now 5 months old, so plenty of time to grow up in due course!

Woof for now.

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