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Pictures of Sebs and me

I just found a few more pictures of Sebastian and me when rooting through Minnie’s computer, so thought I would put them up as they are pretty cute – note the look on Sebastian’s face – I think he is struggling to believe I am a dog!  We both have good paunches which makes me love him all the more – although his might go soon and I will be stuck with mine.

Me and Sebastian

Me chasing Sebastian


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Reading Tea Leaves

Lisa (my friend who comes and looks after me when Minnie and Andy are out of the house) often brings a cup of tea with her and lets me play with the cup when she has finshed.  I love it.  Last time she took a few pictures of me so you can see how I have grown – here they are:



Wilbur 4

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School – AGAIN

Minnie and Andy took me to school again on Monday night.  We had had a couple of weeks break so it was great to catch up with my old pals.  However, as always I tend to get a bit bored half way through.  I am currently going through my ‘oedipus’ phase and found myself enjoying humping Minnie’s leg way more than having to obey the ‘sit, stay and heel’ commands.  BOOORRRINNG.  Apparently I was the laughing stock of the room as Minnie tried subtely to remove me from her leg.  The teachers didn’t think it was that funny and said Minnie isnt dominant enough – well I think I could have told her that!

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Presents galore

Whenever Minnie and I go for our morning walk, we tend to go along the same route which brings us out at some traffic lights.  After these traffic lights there is a patch of grass that ALWAYS has something exciting to sniff or chew or bite.  This morning I was lucky enough to find a box of ‘Discount Brand – Potato Chips’ (cheap Pringles) – ok so the packet was empty but I was so proud of my snaffle.  A labrador was walking past just as I picked it up and I think he was pretty jealous!  I have to admit though that my favourite is cigarettes, individual butts (tee hee!) or whole packets, I don’t mind.

Also this morning I blatantly ignored Minnie’s request for me to come when called.  Well there was a cool ginger dog that I could play with so why would I come back to Minnie for some tiny treat?

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There’s something in the air

I have recently taken to trying to jump and catch things in the air – naked to the human eye (but not to mine).  Minnie thinks I am crazy as I leap around – but I know there are things lurking just above my head that I must try and catch!

I have also taken to running away from Minnie and Andy when I am off the lead – that is fun!

I am currently also enjoying trying every way to get onto the sofas downstairs.  I find the most effective so far (although I have never quite made it all the way up yet!) is to take a big huge running jump and then use my dew claws like crampons to haul myself up.  It wont be long now until the sofas are mine – all mine (and if they have clean washing on them – all the better!)

Woof for now

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More poor behaviour!

This weekend Minnie and Andy went to Norfolk on a boating trip so I got to spend the weekend with Oscar, Jim and Derelys in Shrivenham.  I was very excited about this (although a bit sad not to get to go to Norfolk – I love water!) and was planning on being on my best behaviour for the whole weekend.  However, things went downhill quite quickly after Minnie and Andy left.  Just a few of my misdermeanours included:

Eating Oscar’s bed

Continually haranged Oscar until he could tolerate me no more,

Poo-ed on a carpet in the hall which Jim didnt see so stepped in

Went to the loo a few further times inside

Was very badly behaved on the lead.

I am going to have to spend the whole week thinking of how I can make it up to them as I am going back in a week’s time!

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School shenannigans

I was at school again last night.  This time there were loads of new friends for me to play with, including a cocker spaniel puppy called Baxter and a minature schnauzer puppy called Barak Obama!.

Currently I don’t have a very well tummy (think maybe I did take a bite of the shrew last weekend afterall and it has disagreed with me).  Half way through training I just had to go to the loo and didnt quite make it outside unfortunately.  Minnie was terribly embarassed.  I just decided to come back in and start chewing her trousers and chasing my tail, that way people still think I am cute!

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