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Water, Water, Everywhere

On Sunday we went to Grannie Fifi’s house in Cardiff.  Minnie’s sister and her family were staying so I got to meet even more new people (they live far away so I hadn’t met them before).  Sebastian is Minnie’s nephew, he is 2 and I think we got on pretty well, there were moments that I wasnt so sure (one particular incident I remember involved a plastic golf club and my head!) BUT by the end of the day were were firm friends (once he had got over the fact that I didnt look like any other dog he had ever seen!).   We had lots of fun running round the garden together – his nappy was so tempting to nibble on but I tried hard to resist the temptation.  Here is a picture of me and Sebastian and Grannie Fifi (who was being fed grass by Sebastian at the time)

Me, Grannie Fifi and Sebastian

Me, Grannie Fifi and Sebastian

Sebastian and I also spent some time playing in the paddling pool – well, he was splashing water around with the golf club and I finally took the plunge (or did Minnie put me in?) – once I realised that I could touch the bottom I loved it, jumping in and out, in and out and racing around the garden in between jumps, it was such fun.  I then decided to up my game and try out the pond, which was filled with duckweed.  I got a bit of a shock when I went a bit to far into the pond and I sunk out of my depth, but Andy was there to fish me out and I was fine.  Here are a couple of pictures of me in the paddling pool and pond – duckweed tastes great!

I love duckweed

I love duckweed

Me in the paddling pool

Me in the paddling pool


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Tell Laura I love her…

Andy’s sister and her boyfriend came to stay this weekend.  I think Laura thought I was pretty cool and I reciprocated this – she was great.  Damian was lovely and kind to me too, even though I don’t think he was really a ‘dog’ person.  He played with me loads though and made me laugh (I think he too was laughing at me, not with me!).  We had a lovely time on the downs, although I thought it was more fun to bite Damian’s hair than I suspect he thought it was – AND I managed to snaffle his pimms when he wasnt looking (as we all know I love the booze!).  Laura gave me lots of cuddles, here is a picture of me and her – I was subtely trying to steal her glass of pimms at the time but I was foiled in my plan. …

Me, Laura and glorious Pimms

Me, Laura and glorious Pimms

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The dummy (no, not me!)

Today I officially went mad.  Minnie and Andy were both away from home so left me to fend for myself for a few hours.  When Minnie got home I was so delighted for the company that I ravaged her legs with my dew claws, apparently they are VERY sharp – ahhh, that would be why her legs were bleeding and her linen trousers ripped, I did wonder.

To try and burn off some energy Minnie took me for a quick walk, and on the way to the downs I found a child’s dummy.  This is the coolest thing I have swiped in ages and there was no way I was going to give it back to Minnie so I did crazy pug runs for about 10 minutes.  When we finally made it home (Minnie had to coax me with said dummy despite her being very embarassed by the whole thing) I went completely loopy, running inside, outside, everywhere with the dummy in my mouth.  Here are a couple of pics.

Dummy and Me

Dummy and Me 2

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2nd school visit

Last night was my second training session.  Minnie and Andy took me along, although it is only Minnie who ‘controls’ me during the sessions.  This time we had a different teacher and he was way better than last week – although his breath smelt a bit!

I was pretty good at ‘sit’, ok with sniffing other dogs bottoms and rubbish with the ‘stay’ command – why would I want to stay by myself when there are comfy feet to sit on?

I think I will slowly get better though – very slowly…..

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Another social engagement

On Thursday I had a very important social engagement, at an NSPCC event in Shrivenham.  There was a painting exhibition being hosted by Derelys (Andy’s mum) and we were all staying at Vicarage Lane afterwards.  At the beginning of the evening there were too many people around so I probably would have been squashed as I tried to do the rounds, so I had to stay in my crate until the numbers dwindled, then I could ‘do my thing’.  I said hi to everyone, wee-ed on Derelys’ feet, found a radish and played with that for a while, annoyed Oscar for quite a few hours, perfect!   I love parties, mine-sweeping for food and booze being two of my particular favourite pastimes at such engagements.

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My first day at school

On Monday evening Minnie and Andy took me to Horfield Parish Church Hall for my first training class.  Supposedly it is to get me to become a well behaved, good little pug who is accredited with the Kennel Club ‘Good Dog Citizen’ award.  I am not sure I will get that good!

The class contains dogs of all ages, and there is one really really really funny looking dog in my class who is half terrier half ME!  So he has all my stubbornness and the fight of a terrier – what a combination.  There is also one big rescue dog who doesn’t really like me, in fact come to think of it not many of the dog’s liked me which I found very sad (well Charlie the black lab/lurcher liked me – we are the same age so became firm friends).  The female trainer thought I was great and really impressed her with my ability to come when called (yes, for food!).  She was less impressed with my ability to walk to heel – it doesnt really happen yet.

But it was only week one and hopefully I will become a really good pug soon (that is what Minnie and Andy are praying for!).

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Camping – PART III – The Big Blue

On Saturday we walked to a place called Dancing Ledge, where I had my first visit to the sea.  No body had warned me that it would be cold and wet and chase me.  I decided fairly quickly that me and the sea are not friends and will not be seeing too much of each other from now on.  I was exhausted by the walk and couldnt get down onto Dancing Ledge by myself so had to be carried, which is great because I just love cuddles.  I also met Mia, a jack russell crossed with a shitsu on the walk back to the campsite.  I thought she was just lovely and kissed her and kissed her.  Our romance was sadly short-lived as they were travelling in a different direction, ahhhhh, what could have been…..

Here are a couple of pics of me and my chums in the lovely Dorset sunshine.

Hen and I checking the horizon for pirates

Hen and I checking the horizon for pirates

Becca and Me at Dancing Ledge

Becca and Me at Dancing Ledge

Sarah and Me on the scramble back up from the Ledge

Sarah and Me on the scramble back up from the Ledge

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