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The menagerie

My favourite things:

Dora the pig

Owl the owl

Washing ball the washing ball

These three things make up my menagerie (yes, the washing ball is a type of animal!)

My favourite things

My favourite things


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Palmed off and the washing ball

Minnie had to go to London for a meeting yesterday and because I couldnt be left alone all day by myself Andy took me to Sarah’s house the morning.  She had to get up at 7am to greet me – I was so pleased to see her as I love Sarah.   Minnie got back at 6 in the evening and I was dropped back home by Sarah and Jim.  I think they were pleased to see the back of me – cos I was not very well behaved at all.  BUT Sarah did give me a new present – it is so cool – it is a washing ball that I can chase around the floor – it is a slippery little sucker and it takes ages to catch!  I love it almost as much as owl now.

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What I love…

Sleeping in funny positions Sleeping in funny positions

Sitting on feet Sitting on feet

Looking cute Looking cute

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I have just been running around like a completely crazy pug because I had a dangleberry and couldnt get rid of it.  Minnie was just laughing at me – not helping a bit!  Actually in the end she had to help me with a wet-wipe, golly she loves me!!!

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The long weekend

I dont know where to start I did so much this weekend.  Well, I did a lot for a little pug!

On Friday Minnie drove me to Cardiff as I was going to be staying with her mum (I will call her Grannie Fifi!) and Christopher.  I had to go in my crate for the whole journey and I didnt like it one bit, the crate rattled a shook and I couldn’t relax at all.  Not impressed! I was a bit scared by the room I was staying in at Grannie Fifi’s, it was big and cold so I wimpered for ages.  She does have a nice big garden though so I had LOADS of fun, running around, helping with the gardening – I felt like a very important pug and Grannie Fifi cant really cope without me I dont think!

On saturday Minnie left me for the whole day and a night.  Christopher and Grannie Fifi looked after me very well though, I spent much of Saturday dozing in the garden with Christopher – he was so nice and comfy and I was so warm that I didnt bother getting up to go to the loo and so peed on Christopher, I thought it was very funny – he didnt!

Minnie came back on Sunday to pick me up and we drove back to Bristol (oh joy, more time in that rattley crate).  Then we were straight off to Sarah’s house for a BBQ.  The walk was the longest I have ever taken, it was about a whole mile and when we got there there were loads and loads of people so I was a bit scared at first.  Then I realised that I am a very grown up pug so made friends quickly, licking toes, letting people cuddle me and rub my tummy.  I was soooooo well behaved.  Andy said that I am something of a ‘girl magnet’ – not sure that is all good but I do like girls!  On the walk home I managed to give Andy the slip and he dropped my lead.  Ha ha!  I didnt really want to go too far away from him though so I let him catch me (I could easily outrun him if I had wanted to!)

On Monday we had some of Andy’s work friends for tea – Kirsten and Hywel.  They wanted to meet me as are thinking of getting one of my cousins.  I tried so hard to be good but really enjoyed nibbling Hywel, and I bit his finger a bit hard at one point – sorry Hywel, I am nice really!

I think now I will sleep for the rest of the week to make up for the all the crazy fun of the weekend. Will post some pictures when Minnie can find the camera lead.

Woof for now

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Page 1 of Google!

Well, I have only been alive for 10 weeks but my website has already made it to page 1 of google.  How very exciting for a little pug like me!

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Pugglington Bear

Some people (Minnie’s grannie mostly!) call me Pugglington Bear – so Minnie (being very naughty and avoiding work like the preverbial plague today (come on – I am so sweet she always wants to play with me or do things for/about me!) has done a (rather rubbish) joke of me as the official ‘Pugglington Bear’.  I think the phrase is ‘must try harder’ and use a mouse not the pad on her laptop!

Pugglington bear

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