Uhhh, what I feared would happen, has

Ohh what a bore.  After over 2 years of nothing but love and affection from Tabitha, she’s now discovered that dressing me up is funny.

I’m not so sure! At least so far it’s just ear-muffs and reindeer antlers. I am just waiting for the day when it’s the whole kit and kaboodle.

muffs reindeer


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A pug is a girl’s best friend – apparently

Mmmm, I know I know, a dog is meant to be a man’s best friend.  But no-one told me actually the same is said of 2-year-old-girls. Uhhh, I suppose I can put up with it!

T_wilbur3 T_wilbur_2 T_Wilbur



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Oh no – I’ve been caught out

Oh grrr, I am meant to be a tough ass, hard core Pug but I was caught out today.  Caught on camera enjoying a secret passion, an apple.

Pahhh, forget red meat, I am fruit dog.



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It all got too much


Last week we had a family holiday to Devon. I had loads of fun but there were an awful lot of people for a lot of the time, so much so that I had to nip out for the odd cigarette on occasions*

* = obviously I didn’t really smoke the cigarettes, for all those worried about my welfare!



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oop, saw the sudacrem again

Ok so it turns out nappy cream doesn’t sit well with me after all. Sorry Minnie!

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Getting my own back

Ummmm, seriously?! ANOTHER new baby? I am not impressed. I now am not allowed upstairs (!), get far less cuddles (apparently I smell) and get told off by Tabitha. So today I took my revenge, and ate an entire tub of Sudacrem.  Apparently that’s nappy cream but to me it was just ‘cream’. Yum, yum, yum. I would have eaten the actual tub too but it was a bit tough.


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Snow pug? I don’t think so

Yesterday saw the first snow fall of 2013 in Owslebury (our new home village). I really did not think much of the cold underfoot and therefore refused to go out for the entire day. I had to be phyisically lifted outside by Minnie, how undignified.

However, what was even more undignified was M and A trying to put ‘snow shoes’ on me.  Ok, they thought they would be helping me to not get cold feet but in reality, I looked like a fool – so not my style. Needless to say they didn’t last long.

Really?  This is how they repay my unyeilding love?!

Really? This is how they repay my unyeilding love?!

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